Pro’s In Schools:
The Gateway PGA plays an active role in schools throughout the area.  We feel the responsibility to grow the game and to share our passion with all socio-economic backgrounds.  The Gateway PGA Foundation places a focus on the youth of St Louis who have less advantages.  We utilize the PGA Professionals of the Gateway PGA to provide a fun atmosphere that creates the first introduction to golf.  Word of mouth and a no-cost to the schools approach has really led to more opportunities to introduce all different youth to golf throughout our area.
Alton Middle School- Todd Meyer, PGA | Whitmoor Country Club; Barbara Blanchar, PGA | WingHaven Country Club; Jon DePriest, PGA | Sunset Hills Country Club
Clyde C. Miller Career Academy - Barbara Blanchar, PGA | WingHaven Country Club

Fulton School

Gateway High School - Steve Finn, PGA | Gateway PGA

Imagine Academy

Immaculate Conception Dardenne- Todd Meyer, PGA | Whitmoor Country Club

Innovative Concept Academy

Pierremont Elementary- Michael Brown, PGA | Country Club of St. Albans

Quincy, IL area schools - Gideon Smith, PGA, George Schrage, PGA, Mike Wensing, PGA | Quincy Country Club

Valley Park Middle School - Mike Miller, PGA | Paradise Valley

Washington, MO area schools - Doug Warden, PGA, Mike Weirich, PGA, and Shane Blankenship, PGA | Wolf Hollow Golf Club

 Pro's In Schools FAQ:

What is the Gateway PGA and Gateway PGA Foundation?
The Gateway PGA is one of the 41 sections of the Professional Golfers Association of America. These men and women are the professionals who serve the game of golf in Central/Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.  The Gateway PGA Foundation is the charitable arm of the Gateway PGA.  The GPGA Foundation serves the less fortunate youth in our communities while growing the game of golf.
What are they offering?
The Gateway PGA Foundation is offering the opportunity for students of all ages to get exposed to the game of golf. Gateway PGA Professionals will teach the basics of the golf swing while encouraging your junior to embrace this life-long sport.
Who can attend?
Students of all ages.  Programs are tailored to meet the level and age of the students.
What are the typical dates and length of the program?
Programs are tailored to be 2 -5 weeks in length.  The programs are conducted in the Winter,  Spring, and Fall
What time?
The times can be flexible to meet the desires of the school
What Schools are currently involved?
The Gateway PGA Foundation currently administers this program to the schools listed above.
Who teaches the program?
The program is administered by PGA Professionals and P.E. Teachers
How much does a school have to pay?
While our resources are not unlimited, we strive to pass no expense on to the schools.
Who should I contact if my school is interested in this program?
Ali Wells, PGA
Foundation Operations Director | Gateway PGA
PH: 636-532-3355